Passwords are passé, lets get rid of them together

Not that long ago, we had to remember and type telephone numbers to reach other people. Most people also kept paper address book. Now we just click on people’s face (icon) to call them and never even worry about losing their contacts; numbers get updated automatically, we barely even see them.
This is how we see the future of passwords and private keys. Human brain is not designed to hold and manage them securely, so it is only natural that passwords and keys become invisible for users.  

ZeroPass is the final layer between users and encrypted services

Only ease of use can guarantee mass adoption of end-to-end encrypted communications, data and value transfers. ZeroPass is user-centric layer that returns missing functionality to everyday users of encrypted services (recovery and credentials safekeeping). Decentralization is preserved and can finally spread even to non-technical people.

Keeping private side of the blockchain truly private to you

Blockchain is a fusion of two opposites; public and private key. On the surface, there is a public side of it. It gets most of the attention, because it lays on the public ledger, that anybody can access. Under the surface, all public keys are generated from the private key, and signatures with private keys are used to authenticate them on the public ledger. Private keys are about control and we help you sustain it without adding risk.

ZeroPass vs other 1 password solutions

1 password solutions problems that ZeroPass avoids:

 • single point of failure (1 password or one encrypted file with all your information)
 • expose master password every time you unlock (basically every day)
 • password guessing attacks (brute force)
 • nag you with typing master password at least once a day, even if you don't need any passwords yet. contrast with other solutions, ZeroPass design allows:

 • no need for 1 password 
 • it's easier to use
 • better security (distributed)
 • offers password/key recovery and inheritance.

ZeroPass magnet links

One click and your private key is securely stored (and split afterwards) in ZeroPass fashion.

Services and apps that will integrate magnet link for their users, get special treatment from ZeroPass.
Specific [Password slot] within the ZeroPass becomes “shared” in some aspects:

Services and apps get
 • custom [password slot] logo (default is just a renamed slot)
 • each sign-in timestamp and security score (services can divide/limit their functionality for different threat levels)  
 • ZeroPass servers can send its half of the key directly to service provider (and not through user device)
 • service provider can ask users (directly into ZeroPass apps) to reset private key in this [password slot]

Users get
 • free [password slot] for this particular site. Even if you already reached limit
 • enhanced security without additional work/interaction 

Some mock-up examples:

Split ZeroPass Backup Key with Friends&Family

ZeroPass encourages people to invite a minimum of 3 friends to split the backup key with. It brings more humane and distributed approach to security. People always call their relatives and friends when they get locked out (of house or car) and need a new copy of key or lock replacement.

Users can get a second chance through backup key reconstruction. 2 out of 3 friends need to allow and supply their piece of the key from their ZeroPass keychain. Only one click is required to approve your friend’s recovery request.

ZeroPass  gains opportunity for new type of self sustained growth; security referral.

“World first concussion proof password manager.” –Captain Obvius