Backup and paper-trail of all company
passwords/keys with a simple dashboard.

local control

Standard ZeroPass apps protect individual user accounts, with devices users take care of- personal ones.

global Overview

ZeroPass Enterprise apps is dashboard of all [password slots] assigned to your organization.

encryption by default 

convert your team & organization into encrypted stronghold.
Fend of industrial & governmental spies & hackers with a power of math.


• backups of all passwords/keys shared within organization.
• paper-trail for all sign-ups of individual [password slot].
• approval for each member
• controlled sharing for each [password slot] within organization


• one device is enough to log in ‘on premise’, two are needed off the premise.
• two different users, each with one factor
• notification for each login (high impact passwords)

“World first concussion proof password manager.” –Captain Obvius