Stop typing passwords & printing security codes.

Use ZeroPass keychain & private key recovery manager.


One password? Try no passwords.

Life is too short to type long and secure password :)

It’s an open secret that when you type one password multiple times,
you expose it and it stops being secure.
The same is true for credentials that this one password protects.
You expose all passwords everytime you use it.
Don't overuse passwords, not even one.

with ZeroPass

click or tab

Show intent that you want to sign in.
Click in password form or press tab button.


Click notification on your phone.

(Don’t have it? Other ways are available to)

you are signed in

Security with simplicity.

Mathematically  secure. 

Passwords/keys are always split between ZeroPass servers
and your machine (along with a backup key).  
Cryptographically secured with standard algorithms which are known to be un-hackable, but re-arranged to allow better user experience and additional security.

Private. Zero-knowledge. 

Plain passwords/keys never touch our servers and therefore cannot be reconstructed.
Servers can only help you stop attackers and snoopers.
We don’t make it our business to know your secrets.
Our code is Open to the public,
this way anybody can hold us accountable. 

for advanced users 

Archive passwords into ZeroPass

install apps

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone are supported.
Extensions for Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge.

enter password

Go to your favourite website and enter password as usual. 

saved automatically 

Passwords are split within  the safe arms of ZeroPass trust net. Only credentials with your username get auto-saved.

Passwords & private keys Recovery

Reverse mathematical procedure (cipher) to recover all of your lost passwords/keys.
Backup key can be split between friends and family, ensuring they can inherit access to pre-approved private keys (Bitcoins, etc)

*in development*

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This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project Block.IS (grant agreement No 824509).

“World first concussion proof password manager.” –Captain Obvius